Course Description

The pre-intermediate course aims to develop your spoken english skills further with more challenging assignments, content and expression- you have delved deep into the world of English  and exciting new elements of the language await you! The course navigates the tricky past tense and makes its way to the conditionals – expressing opinions and ideas.

Course Details

On completion of the pre-intermediate course, you will be able to describe experiences, events, wishes and hopes, as well as to be able to briefly express opinions or explain plans.

Course Highlights

-Assignments at the end of every session to ensure students are performing at the pre-intermediate level.
Qualified & experienced English Teachers guide learners through the tricky yet interesting past tense.

-Developing listening and conversational English skills

-More complex and conversations to appreciate various tenses and structuring of the language.

-Preparing travelers to survive in an English speaking country with expressions to convey basic necessities.

-Enabling students to pursue further levels, well equipped with the grammar structures


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