Subtitling a movie, a documentary, a TV series or a video is a challenging project, one that requires mastery in the language. It requires acute listening skills, ample vocabulary and an understanding of the sentence structures in order to reproduce the dialogues verbatim. Subtitling is also done to cater to a larger audience, often in a language different from the dialogues of the movie. The person undertaking this task must be fluent in both the primary language as well as the target language.

Our institute works in collaboration with the Institute of Spanish Studies and the Institute of German Studies to ensure precise subtitling in English, Spanish and German. We also work with other professionals to undertake subtitling in other foreign languages and Indian languages. At the English Cube, we ensure that the subtitles mirror the original dialogues in the same language or capture the essence of the original dialogue while being grammatically and semantically correct  in another language.

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