Upper Intermediate


Course Description

The upper intermediate course aims at developing proficiency in English. At this stage, the student is fully equipped to handle conversations in various tenses, comprehend and respond to complex and detailed text as well as clearly elucidate ideas and opinions in written as well as spoken forms. Students have the linguistic ability to manage day to day situations in normal communicative circumstances.

Course Details

The objective of this course is to enable learners to create coherent text about familiar topics, or topics of personal interest, describe accurately and in detail experiences, events, wishes and hopes. Students will be able to hypothesize and employ the associated grammatical structures.

Course Highlights

-Assignments at the end of every session are aimed at eliciting student opinions and interest in English as a way of life. 

-Qualified, passionate and skilled tutors guide learners through the course, assignments and examinations.

-Students are exposed to various forms of language delivery – literature, songs, cinema and poetry and better grasp the nuances of the language


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