Level placement test

July 4, 2020


Based on the touchstone placement test by Cambridge University Press.

The Objective Placement Test has three sections: Listening, Reading, and Language Use. There are 70 questions. You are allowed 50 minutes to complete the test.

In Section I, the Listening section, you will hear nine conversations and answer one or more questions about each one. Before you listen to a conversation, read the question or questions. Answer the questions after the conversation ends. Choose the conversation ends.

Section II, the Reading section, has several short passages. After you read each passage, choose the correct answer for each question.

Section III, the Language Use section, has 30 items. Choose the correct option for each item.

Phone Number

In this section of the test, you will hear conversations and answer some questions about them. For each conversation, first read the situation and the question or questions. Then listen to the conversation. Respond to the questions by marking the correct answer ( correct answer (a, b, c, or d) on your answer sheet.
Read the example situation and question.
Situation: Bill invites his classmate Amy to go out after class. 
 Amy _______.  
a.doesn’t like to bowl.
b.is going bowling after class.
c.wants to meet her friends after class.
d.has to go home after class

 The listening section of the test begins with Situation 1.

Situation 1: Mr. Hanson is asking Jessie about her classmates.  Mr. Hanson is asking Jessie about her classmates.
1. Paolo is _______.

Situation 2:
Susan is asking Alex about his free time. 

2. On the weekends, Alex _______.

Situation 3:
Jeff and Rosa are talking Jeff and Rosa are talking on the phone

3. Rosa _______.
Situation 4:
Mark and Sarah are talking about their habits.


Situation 5:
Jan is telling Carlos about her day.

6. Jan was late for her interview this morning because ____
7. Carlos thinks___________-

Situation 6: 
Freddie is talking to Judy on his cell phone about a trip.

8. Freddie _______.
9.  Judy says the best thing about Australia is the _______.

Situation 7:
 Victor is helping Stacy with her new cell phone.

10. Stacy doesn’t remember _______.
11. Victor thinks his news will be ________.
12. Victor has known Caroline _______.

Situation 8:
Paula and Peter are talking about Paula’s experience in another country.

 13. Paula took her first trip outside the United States _______.
14. Paula offended her hosts in Thailand by _______.
15. Paula told Peter that you _______ in homes in  Thailand.

Situation 9: 
Adam and Carmen are talking about going back to college.  

16. Adam _______.
17. Adam is studying for a degree in ___
18. When Adam receives his degree, he will have spent _______ years studying
19. Carmen thinks she took charge of her life when she listened to her _______.
20. Carmen thinks she’ll be __________ for a really long time.
In this section of the Objective Placement Test, you will read some short passages and answer questions about them. Choose the word or words that best complete the sentence. 
Passage 1:What’s your weekly routine? 
Miki:  I have classes every afternoon. In the mornings, I work in the college cafeteria. I usually do my homework in the evenings. On the weekends, I go out with my friends.

21. On weeknights, Miki usually ______
Passage 2: An email, Subject: Back home! 
Hi Mandy, 
 I just got back from my trip to Spain. It didn’t rain at all! We ate at some great Spanish restaurants – delicious! I learned to do flamenco! It’s a kind of dance. We went to the beach every day, and we went snorkeling. I’d like to do this every year! 

22. Max _______.
Passage 3:  Do you have “vacation deprivation”? 
 The average amount of time off in the United States is only 11 days a year. But in Europe, workers get 26 to 37 days off. Researchers say vacations are important for good health. They say the kind of vacation you take makes a  difference, too. When people travel to sunny places, have lots of free time, sleep a lot, exercise, and make friends, they enjoy better health. 

23. The article suggests that _______.
Passage 4: Minor burns 
Leon Caplan was watching television when his sister burned herself in the kitchen. He immediately ran to the refrigerator to get some ice and butter for her hand. Did he do the right thing?  What should you do for a burn? Many people think you should put ice, oil, or butter on a burn. Actually, these can damage the skin and make the burn worse. Always cool a minor burn as soon possible with cold water – preferably running water – preferably running water.

24. The main idea of this reading is to _____
25. If you have a burn, the reading says you should _______.
Passage 5: Live life to the fullest: Fly a plane!  
Have you ever flown a plane? Probably not.  But if you like excitement and don’t get stressed easily, you might want to try flying a jumbo-jet simulator – the same one pilots the same one pilots use in training. I haven’t taken many plane rides, but last Sunday I decided to try a day at pilot school. It’s open to the public on Sundays. I got a full lesson on how to fly before I climbed into the simulator. Then the instructor let me take let me take off, fly at 914 meters (3,000 feet), and land. It was the scariest 30 minutes I’ve ever had “in the air” – and totally realistic.

26. Jumbo-jet Jumbo-jet simulators simulators _______.
27.The writer _______.
Passage 6: Someone you can look up to: Christina Morin  
 Christina Morin is an amazing young woman with an inspiring story. When she was 17, Christina went on a safari to Kenya with her parents. During her trip, she spent four days with the local Samburu tribespeople, who were suffering from a devastating drought after several months without rain and had very little food. Christina wanted to help. She started by teaching art classes to the Samburu classes to the Samburu children, who had never painted before. Christina was amazed at their wonderful drawings, and began to think. If she made their pictures into note cards, would she be able to sell them when  she went home and raise money for food? She bought samples of the children’s artwork with her own with her own money which paid for two weeks’ worth of food for weeks’ worth of food for the tribe. the tribe.  Soon after she got home, the Samburu Project was born. Christina set up a program to sell tribal arts and crafts in local stores, with all profits going to tribespeople in Kenya. She was able to build a dam, She was able to build a dam, which was her original goal, as well as build several wells, buy animals and food, pay medical bills, and build crafts center.

 28. Christina wanted to help the Samburu tribespeople because _______.
29. Christina got her idea to sell the children’s artwork _______.
30.Christina’s Samburu Project _______.
31. Christina’s original goal was  to _______.
Passage 7: Modern crimes: image theft
Personal blogging is the new form of journal writing – only better, because more people can read your entries online!  Nowadays, most travelers are expected to post their photographs, in addition to their commentary on blogs for friends and family to see. But imagine finding your vacation photos in an advertisement, copied from the Internet without your permission. Although you, as an amateur photographer, might have thought they were “just pictures,” someone else decided they had value and used them to make money. That person stole your property. Photo theft, or image theft is a growing problem, especially for professional photographers who advertise on the Web. Any photo can easily be copied and used  used illegallyand often the people who do it don’t realize they are committing a crime. The ones who do probably know  won’t be caught. So how can you protect yourself and your images? Professional photography associations recommend using photo-editing programs to add text to your photos. For example, write the word SAMPLE  on the pictures. More sophisticated software allows you to make the pictures “flash” or add moving images that can’t be copied. Finally, give your photo files unusual names so that they won’t be found easily when people search the Internet for common subjects like “the beach.”

32. The article tells photographers how to _______.
33. The writer says amateur photographers _______.
34.Everyone who uses an image without permission _________.
35. One way of protecting your pictures is to _______.
Passage 8: What are businesses doing about global warming?  
The issue of climate change has been discussed in scientific and business circles for over two decades. However only in recent years has there been agreement that is crucial that something be done to reduce the carbon emissions that cause global warming, and that businesses – as be done to reduce the carbon emissions that cause global warming, and that businesses – as well as governments and individual citizens – must act. The main problem is the rising level well as governments and individual citizens – must act. The main problem is the rising level of carbon dioxide, which has been shown to warm the earth’s atmosphere, and which is still being produced in damaging quantities by power plants and motor vehicles. A few forward-thinking companies are investing in renewable energy,  reducing their use of oil and coal, recycling more, and consuming less in order to reduce their "carbon footprint" (their total amount of carbon emissions). Although companies like these are preparing to live in a reduced-carbon world, most businesses have been slow in reducing their negative impact on the environment. They might be encouraged to finally start changing their environmental policies through a combination of legal, political, and business pressures. Laws on carbon emissions are likely to be affected by changes in government government policy.  In addition, the effects of new weather patterns involving high winds, hurricanes, fires, and floods are making insurance companies look seriously at climate change as more and more money is continually being paid out for the damage caused by these events. Companies are being forced by their insurers to think of such environmental damage as a significant business risk.

36. The main idea of the article is that _______

37.The article says that scientists and business leaders_______.
38. _______ companies are trying to more environment-friendly.
39. Most companies are _______ when it comes to investing in renewable energy.
40.Companies might change their environmental policies __________
In this section, you will answer questions about the use of English. Choose the word or words that best complete the sentence. 

41. My friends and I go to the movies __________ weekends.
42. How often ____________ your father work late?
43. Jill didn’t _______ that skirt because it was expensive.
44. Javier eats _______ beef, but he doesn’t like hamburgers.
45.I’m interested _______ an art class next year.
46. A: What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow tonight?
B: It _____________ tomorrow  night.
47. I went shopping yesterday ______ a tent for my camping trip.
48. A: What do you do with your old clothes?
       B: I  throw them away, but my sisters give _______ to charity.
49. A: What _______ when you broke your arm?
      B: I was climbing a tree.
50. It’s bad to lose your keys, but it’s__________to lose your wallet.
51. A: What are you doing tomorrow night? Do you want to hang out? 
B: Actually, _____________anything. I’d love to get together.
52. We need to find a car _______.
53. If I _______ the chance, I’d spend a year or two in Australia. My English would improve a lot.
54. A:Where did you buy your printer?
B: I don’t remember where _______ it. !
55. Anna _______ an art class since September and she loves it.
56. Several flights _______ earlier today because of severe thunderstorms
57. When did Shane decide ______to Seoul?
58. You can offend people by not _______ their names.
59.We _______ to a soccer game last night, but the weather was awful, so we stayed home.
60. We’d love to get our neighbors _______ their yard. It’s really a mess!
61. I’m very upset with Brian. He should not ______to me that way.
62. If Dennis had been in the right place at the right time, his career _______.
63. Some TV stations show nothing but reality shows, ______ are less expensive to produce than many other types of programs.
64. Many voters wish the senator _______ for re-election, but he has announced his intention to retire from politics.
65. When growing up, we’re told there are certain things that are simply not worth _______ about.
66. Is it still common for children to _______ their mothers flowers on Mother’s Day?
67. Professor Silva always said it was crucial that our written work _______to us – and that plagiarism would be severely punished.
68. When I was deciding on a major, I ought to _______ from choosing a field that doesn’t have many job opportunities.
69. Is there any particular historical figure you would like to _______ – say William Shakespeare for example?
70. Now that my best friend and I live in different cities, we call _______  at least twice a week

Thank you for taking the test. We will place you at the correct level and send an email with details of your course and free structure.