If you are looking for Spoken English or Business English classes, walk into our centres at Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata or Hyderabad for an effective, informative and useful English course.Imparting English lessons to students is the cornerstone of the The English Cube and our primary goal and passion. We have a team of dedicated professionals  working toward teaching, training and offering high-quality lessons to students. Our trainers are highly motivated to work with the language beyond the classroom as well. Thus we offer the following services outside of teaching and lesson-planning.


The Beginner Course is the stepping stone to your English learning. It is the first stage of your spoken English training. It covers the basic greetings and salutations, present tense, the verb “To be”, interrogative forms, possessive, demonstratives and imperatives.

This tense covers all the basics you need to have a conversation with your peers, friends, kids, and relatives in the present tense and ensures survival in an English Speaking country. This is a light, fun course to hone your English speaking skills, work on good pronunciation and begin talking about your favorite songs, movies, and dishes! If you are looking for English communication classes or courses, the beginner course is a great place to start. 

Business English & Soft Skills Training

We train our students to express themselves confidently, clearly and effectively in the workplace. We believe that language learning is not complete without gestures, posture, voice and tone modulation, appropriate word selection and workplace etiquette. Our business English and soft-skill training modules are aimed at training students to answer interviews with confidence, negotiating deals, hosting and presiding over meetings, handling business correspondence and other aspects of communication and collaboration at the workplace. 

The course is structured to seamlessly incorporate Business English & Soft Skills so that the student is able to compose and respond to emails, interact with various teams, propose and present ideas, follow up on various tasks and initiatives, respond well in interviews, give presentations, describe reports and present other information in multinational workspaces.


A more detailed course than the Beginner course, the Intermediate course aims at developing the present tense further with the continuous and perfect tenses and introduce the past tense. This level, the second level in the spoken English course series, offers a lot of scope for presentations, animated discussions, group conversations, and interactive classroom learning.

The Pre-Intermediate level covers the present continuous and perfect tenses, infinitives, gerunds, past simple and continuous tenses, future simple, reflexive and possessive pronouns, comparatives and superlatives and other important phrases and concepts required for effective communication. If you are looking to improve your English communication in general or Business English communication, consider joining a Pre-Intermediate course at The English Cube.

Voice and Accent Training

With the rising number of English speakers across the Globe, Voice and Accent are essential tools to express oneself clearly. An accent with overtones from the native language of the speaker is an impediment to clear and effective communication in English, especially in client-facing divisions of a company. Our voice and accent training course aims to neutralize your accent, modulate your voice and master the more troublesome aspects of the English language – certain vowel sounds, stressed and unstressed vowels and syllabus in words, and work on word enunciation.


The Intermediate is the most intense of the courses as it delves deep into the three tenses. This is the formative level of the spoken English series. While the beginner and pre-intermediate levels introduce various grammatical concepts, the Intermediate course binds these concepts together to produce full sentences in the correct tense leading to interesting authentic presentations, emails, letters, and essays. This level deals with adjectives, adverbs, modals, phrasal verbs, quantifiers, conditionals, the passive tense, future and past perfect and obligations.

Training for international exams

International exams like IELTS and TOEFL are tickets to excellent academic and employment opportunities around the world. It is important that students develop the confidence to attempt and clear such exams. At our institute, we have programs designed specifically to help students understand the pattern of such exams and the type of preparation required, work on different competencies like reading, writing, listening and speaking to identify their strengths and weaknesses and take sample tests to gauge their potential and ability. 

Join us at the English Cube if you are looking for IELTS coaching, TOEFL coaching, GRE or GMAT coaching.


The final course in the four-part spoken English series aims to add finesse to your language. At this point, the student is conversant, has a great handle on all the tenses, can easily express complex ideas with the right grammatical structure and vocabulary. The focus at this stage is advanced vocabulary to suit various academic and business needs. The student is trained to apply his knowledge of English across various situations from interactions at the workplace to report writing, spanning a variety of personal and professional scenarios. 

The Upper-Intermediate level deals with causative words, future tense in detail, the passive form of sentences, reported speech, modals in the passive, idioms, similes and metaphors.

If you are well-versed and need to polish your spoken English skills a bit, the Upper-Intermediate course at The English Cube is perfect for you!

English for Students of Foreign Languages

The close collaboration between sister institutes The English Cube, the Institute of Spanish Studies and the Institute of German Studies makes it possible to have such a course where trained Spanish and German speakers fluent in English impart lessons and training in the language. We are looking to assist any foreign language speakers with English, through direct classes, skype classes, one-on-one sessions, translations or exchange programs

The medium of instruction is in English with examples in the native language for better understanding. Our classes are interactive and communicative, follow the ESOL(English as a Second Language) guidelines for classroom instruction and encourage students to express ideas, opinions and thoughts in English. Students from other countries can opt for group sessions with other English learners or individual sessions with the trainer.


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