Imparting English lessons to students is the cornerstone of the The English Cube and our primary goal and passion. We have a team of dedicated professionals  working toward teaching, training and offering high-quality lessons to students. Our trainers are highly motivated to work with the language beyond the classroom as well. Thus we offer the following services outside of teaching and lesson-planning.

Translation services

The English Cube in collaboration with Institute of Spanish Studies and Institute of German Studies is already undertaking a variety of assignments related to translation and interpretation services from Spanish to English, German to English and English to Spanish or German. We are looking to collaborate with other institutes, institutions, private individuals and companies to provide translation services between English, Spanish and with acquired expertise and collaboration, more languages. The documents we work with include audits, marriage certificates, certificates of academic institutions and visas.

Content Writing

At the English Cube, we believe in creating high quality content for blogs, websites, social media platforms, brochures, ad campaigns and other forms promotional material. Our content writers deliver well-written, well-structured, clear, engaging and relevant content in a timely manner. We have written articles, blog posts, Facebook posts and content on various topics as such as :




DIYs (Do it Yourself)

Hobbies and Workshops

Languages & Education

Our content and article writers have received good feedback from the clients we have worked with thus far as well as long term projects and recurring contracts with the same clients.

Communicative Skill Evaluation

We create placement tests to gauge a candidate's skill at communication and articulation. These services are very useful to organizations looking to hire confident, dynamic candidates who can communicate effectively in various situations to interact with customers, clients, colleagues, senior staff and diverse teams composed of various geographies and work profiles.

We customize our placement tests to reflect the needs of your company, working closely with managers, directors and HR teams to understand the needs of the organization. The tests are a well-balanced mix of grammar based and written questions to test communication skills in various scenarios.

                                                              Resume Writing

Your resume is your passport to the Corporate world. A clearly worded resume is the first step to being selected in a multi-national corporation. 

At the English Cube, we help you design the perfect resume that highlights your skills, experience and abilities to your potential employers in a neat, concise and well-documented format. This course of about a week, is aimed at busy professionals looking to upgrade their resumes as well as freshers looking to get their first big break. We help you design, re-design, edit and sharpen your resume with the right keywords to make you stand out!


Subtitling involves creating sub-titles for documentaries, movies and TV shows in the primary language or in one or more target languages depending on the viewing audience. Many regional and foreign films are often subtitled in two or more languages to reach a larger audience. We offer high-quality subtitling services in English, Foreign languages like Spanish and German as well as Indian regional languages. We strive to ensure that the subtitles closely match the original dialogues in the films or documentaries, as well as to retain the essence and meaning of the original dialogue when subtitling in a different language.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are important fundamental processes that every content writer must incorporate while composing letters, articles, presentations, academic papers, journal entries and more. Not only do we train students to edit and proof read their work to offer the best possible version of their content, we also provide editing and proofreading services to anyone in need of them. We look at grammar, sentence structures, word and phrase selection and layout of the content that capture the author's thoughts in the best possible way. Different fields of service often require specialized vocabulary that our proofreaders employ when editing a document related to field. 

Language Exchange Programs

The most exciting part of learning any language is to be able to share our vocabulary and understanding of the language with other learners! The English Cube and The Institute of Spanish Studies are in collaboration with language institutes and institutions across the globe to offer students novel and stimulating experiences with languages and cultures. Students will be able to travel to different countries, teach students English while learning their language and culture and participate in a variety of cultural and academic programs being offered by the host country.

Preparatory work for Academic institutions - Letters of Statement of Purpose

We offer students tips and tricks to write great Statement of Purpose letters to Universities, giving them a shot at the best academic programs across the globe.  Statement of Purpose letters outline intent and are often baffling to students, but are extremely important for a good first impression. At the English Cube, we understand the impact a well-written Statement of Purpose and offer students sufficient practice composing such letters.


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