Opportunities with English

Content and Article Writing

Blogs are now the favored medium of expression, of advertising and of personal expression. With articles, posts and blog content going viral, blogs make for a great part-time or full time employment opportunity. Many article and content writers are freelancers, working at their own pace from various locations. Freelance writers and bloggers often work with multiple websites, blogs and clients on an hourly basis to create tailored content. If you have expertise in a particular field, or you are passionate about something that you would like to share with a wide audience, blogging and article writing is the way to go!

Technical Writing 

A more focused field is technical writing. Technical writing is aimed at assisting users understand the technology and working of various products. These documents are detailed, precise and formal, often written in multiple languages. If you are bilingual or multilingual, give technical writing a serious thought, it might just be the job you were looking for!

Academic Writing 

Academic writing entails paper presentation as well as writing, editing, proofreading and presenting academic research papers and other papers submitted to institutions such as journal articles, peer review articles, case studies and the like. It is a very interesting field for those academically inclined. 


Reporting is an exciting and challenging field to work in. It requires dedication, passion and drive. With the growing popularity of English, most newspapers, television channels and blogs present their content in English. Proficiency in English is an advantage in this line of work. 

Participating in cultural exchange programs

Take the offbeat route with cultural exchange programs that allow you to teach English as a foreign language or as a second language in any part of the world. Some countries require you to be a certified tutor while some do not. Teaching English to eager students, and learning their culture and language, in turn, is a phenomenal experience. All you require is passion for travel and adventure and a thirst for new places and culture! 

Linguistics & Philology 

The beauty of English is that though it is a vast language, it is dynamic. Every few years, sentence structuring, vocabulary and written constructs undergo drastic and radical changes. This makes it a very exciting language to study as a linguist and a philologist. Tracing its evolution as a descendant of Romance languages to what is has shaped up to be today is an interesting journey. With more and more countries embracing English as the language of Business, millions of people across the globe are learning English, as well as lending words and phrases to the language, adding variety and flavor to a rich and ever-changing language.


English has now become the standard language for communication in many businesses, educational institutions, organizations and countries. Millions of people have a vested interest in learning the language, both as a medium of communication and as a means to secure better employment. Tutoring interested candidates is an interesting, satisfactory and rewarding experience. Tutoring is no longer limited to adhering to a set of stringent classroom rules, it is now fun, interactive and communicative, with a lot more tutor-student collaboration and exposure to real-life situations employing authentic English phrases. This makes teaching English as a language engaging for both the trainer and the student.