Our Spoken English courses help you speak with confidence to anyone, anyplace, anytime! With Interactive and fun Spoken English classes, you’ll use everyday expressions, read interesting articles, write clear messages and understand English speakers with ease. Our Business English & Soft Skills course is directed at working professionals, students preparing for interviews and anyone looking to use English to sharpen their communication skills. You will not only learn clear, precise, industry specific language used in offices and multinational corporations, you will also learn important soft skills required to thrive in any workplace scenario – Posture, Gestures, eye contact, voice modulation and much more. Our Voice & Accent Training Course is designed to help professionals cultivate the appropriate accent required in their role. Not only do we assist them with accent training, we also train participants to understand cultural references, typical expressions of the country and vocabulary specific to the geography and industry. The IELTS, GRE & International Exam course is for anyone preparing to study or work abroad. We help them develop strategies to tackle various exams with extensive hands-on practice, grammar & vocabulary drills and conversation practice. Our Resume Writing course guides students and working professionals to creating strong resumes that capture their experience and skills and present them in the most effective way. This course has been designed to assist job-seekers in creating or enhancing their resumes for the best shot at their dream job! ENQUIRE ABOUT A COURSE