Songs to help you use English grammar!

Not pretty enough by Kasey Chambers  Learn the simple present tense

This country song was a hit in Australia in 2002. In 2010, the song was used in the Australian horror film The Loved Ones.
Am I not pretty enough
Is my heart too broken
Do I cry too much
Am I too outspoken
Don't I make you laugh
Should I try it harder
Why do you see right through me
I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me
I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break
I crave, I love, I've waited long enough
I try as hard as I can


And she was by Talking Heads

A song written by David Bryne in 1985 about a girl he was in love with.
And she was lying in the grass
And she could hear the highway breathing
And she could see a nearby factory
She's making sure she is not dreaming
See the lights of a neighbor's house
Now she's starting to rise