Thanks to the Globe Theatre, You Can Officially Stream Shakespeare’s Best Plays for Free

By Rachel Bowie | Apr. 19, 2020 | 12:00 PM

The Globe Theatre is *the* place in the world to go and see Shakespeare—except that, right now, most of the world is under stay-at-home orders thanks to COVID-19, which means a trip to London isn’t exactly in the cards.

Don’t worry, the Globe found a way to improvise: From now through the end of June, the theater will stream its most iconic plays for free on its YouTube channel so you can soak up all the culture and wisdom and, let’s be honest, poetry that, once upon a time, William Shakespeare so brilliantly dreamed up. 

Per their Instagram account, the current title available to watch is their 2018 production of Hamlet. After that, their 2009 production of Romeo and Juliet will go up starting the week of April 20. The options available will rotate, so your best bet is to keep up with the Globe on Instagram.

Still not enough Shakespeare for you? You can also browse their entire library and rent other plays for a fee. All you have to do is set up a Globe Player account and you’ll immediately get access to prerecorded tapings of plays ranging from MacBeth to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (The cost is $7 per rental or you can buy a production and watch it on repeat for $14.) 

No, it’s not the same as being at the Globe Theatre in the flesh (le sigh), but fingers crossed this tides us over. Anon!

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