This is the PERFECT resume: Employment coach reveals the 10 steps you need to follow to secure an interview for the job of your dreams

  • Adrienne Tom is a professional resume writer from Alberta in western Canada
  • She works with businesses and candidates to help both sides find the perfect fit
  • Ms Tom shared 10 simple steps to improve your resume and secure an interview
  • She said a resume should be constantly updated and tailored to suit specific jobs
  • Competition is fierce with unemployment expected to peak at 10 percent in June
  • That would be Australia’s highest unemployment rate since April 1994

Listing your hobbies, adding colourful charts and weaving in words from the company’s mission statement is the key to writing a standout resume, an award-winning job coach has revealed.

Adrienne Tom is a professional resume writer and employment strategist from Alberta in western Canada, who works with businesses and candidates to help both parties find their perfect fit.

She shared 10 simple steps  for writing the perfect resume on LinkedIn to help hopefuls stand out in a fiercely competitive job market, as Australia braces for a predicted 10 percent unemployment rate by the end of June.

Australia last saw double-digit unemployment in the early 1990s, when jobless levels peaked at 11.2 percent in December 1992, the highest since the Great Depression of the 1930s when one in five people were out of work.

A sample resume marked with the tricks that make a resume standout from dozens of others, including coloured headings, concise bullet points and tailored explanations of skills

1. Start with a target

Before putting pen to paper, Ms Tom said it’s important to have a clear understanding of the the job you hope to secure and the qualities a recruiter will be looking for to fill it.

Studies suggest that the average candidate’s CV has just seven seconds to make an impression before it is binned.

Australian human resources expert Karen Gately said the same is true of a cover letter, which should never begin with ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.

Ms Gately previously told Daily Mail Australia the generic opener is ‘one of the quickest ways to end up on the ‘no’ pile’.

‘You’re not even taking the time to address your resume or your application to the people that you’re talking to. Find out who they are and address them,’ she said.

2. Customise every line

Ms Tom said every section of your resume must be tailored to show how your skills and experience match the role you are applying for.

‘General resumes just don’t work,’ she said.

Ms Gately said it’s important to clearly state your relevant achievements and demonstrate how they could bring value to the organisation.

‘If I’m saying ‘I have a strong eye for detail’ and there’s a whole bunch of mistakes through the resume, they don’t go well together,’ she said.

‘Or if I say, ‘I’m an innovative go-getting kind of person’ – well how have you demonstrated that? When have you come up with innovative ideas or challenged the status quo? Make statements about yourself but ensure you’re backing it up.’

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